Let's Rock: Part II

Eventually, we step outside the studio to give the producer and camera men a couple minutes to decide what else they need. Thankfully, it’s cooler now, as the sun has ducked behind the buildings.

A hip-hop group has vacated one of the smaller studios and is lounging around the picnic table where the remnants of our earlier wait still litter the tabletop. Little H immediately notices the boxes of juice pouches and takes off toward them. I’m banking on them being empty by now and remain a few paces back, observing him circle the table and then squeeze his way into the center. He’s like a parched hyena on a calculated mission to wedge himself between the massive rhinoceroses for a place at the pond.

After successfully procuring access, he makes his lunge for the box, fully confident the sustenance he desires is within. Oh, but it’s just out of his reach; he can’t quite get his claws on the coveted box across the table. Fortunately for him, his determination will not go unrewarded. The roughly 300-pound man (perhaps rapper, perhaps bouncer) with tree-trunk arms seated to his left has decided to help him out. Tree-Trunk has found a remaining juice pouch and is carefully removing the plastic and inserting the straw. It looks miniature in his palms.

“I hooked a Brother up,” he says to the little hyena next to him, who suddenly looks very tiny and very white. With straw in mouth, Little H reaches his small fist up in a perfect gesture of gratitude: he fist bumps Tree-Trunk casually. My content little hyena then proceeds to seat himself, completely oblivious to how out of place he is, between his new pal and a beautiful woman with huge hoop earrings who has just erupted into laughter.

Success for the little guy: he has acquired yet another juice pouch, which I’m pretty sure is his sixth.

Not surprisingly, in his conversation with his daddy that night about his day, Little H will remember that he “went to the music place” and that “they had juice there.” Simple as that. I’m broadening his range of experiences and impressing him with bountifully flowing juice.

The music video will come out a couple of months later. There will be glimpses of my Little H and a few shots that include our blurry heads. Nonetheless, the hot day at the studio with my ladies and my hyena made for an interesting experience - and supported a cause that is, quite literally, near to my heart.

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