More On Waiting

I spend a disgusting amount of time waiting for doctors. Waiting for them in the reception area, waiting for them in the exam room, waiting for a phone call, waiting for a prescription to be called in …waiting for answers.

Why does the medical profession have such a strong propensity to provide poor service? As though the experience of illness or health problems is not unpleasant enough, ridiculously long wait times, inaccessible providers, and costly mistakes are frighteningly common.
Waiting for medical procedures usually takes place in hot, small, areas with overly bright fluorescent lightening, be it a crowded waiting room in the reception area, or, when they trick you and take you back into the actual exam room and then make you wait there. 

I held waitressing jobs through most of college. There is a restaurant rule that customers are not seated at a table until the server and the kitchen can provide them with timely service. People tolerate waiting to be seated but as soon as their backsides hit the booth, they want a menu, a drink, and their food to be ordered and arrive in an appropriate progression. Restaurateurs know, even if a table is available, don’t seat it until the customer can be given prompt service. 
This rule obviously does not carry over into the medical field. Doctor’s offices like to deceive you; they’ll make you wait in the reception area and then give the impression things are moving forward by taking you back into the exam room – only to leave you to continue your wait in private. 

The dullness of those neutral walls… the sterile smell… the smallness of the rooms… the stolen hours from my day… Fifteen minutes is an understandable wait time; thirty is very inconvenient; forty-five makes me insane; sixty or more makes me cry. 


  1. what about when you sit there waiting for a long time then they take you in to do something or other and then send you back out to the waiting room!!