The 5 Year Rule

Poor health, poor finances, infidelity, crime, death, miscarrige, divorce... the pains of this world are many.

As I age and garner maturity, the process of discovering so many different people's struggles deepens my perspective. And certainly, as life has brought me down upon my face, I understand that suffering creates a broad empathy. My hurt seems to extend across the great many difficulties embedded in humanity; I feel and understand the sadness of others so much more than ever before.

I once heard there’s a 5-year rule to evaluating circumstances, especially those which are tragic. We have to lift ourselves out of the fear and pain of the moment and imagine a future in which we can understand the occurrence, possibly even be thankful for how it has changed our course. If we can take tragedy or calamity and use it as a turning point or a source of meaning, we can perhaps master happiness. 
We don't understand why so many things happen, but perhaps, in looking ahead, we create a more Godly perspective - one of slighly greater understanding.

In the throes of life’s deepest pains, if only we can cast our eyes ahead, believing there will be peace, if not total understanding - and attempting small joys in the meantime.

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