4 to 6 = 6

Amongst the barrage of un-lovely information imparted upon me at Medical Plaza 2nd Home, I am enlightened that “four to six rounds of chemotherapy” does not actually mean I have the chance of being done after four rounds. Rather, it apparently means four to six before my surgery. Six, is what they meant all along; two just may come post-surgery.

Thank you for this pleasant elucidation, roughly three months late.
I want to slap every last one of those doctors and nurses for not clarifying that I do not, in fact, have any chance of being finished after four rounds. (Not really. But somehow saying I want to slap them makes me feel like I'm expressing the frustration and angst I'm feeling.)
Setting my sights upon being done after four was futile.

Two more rounds; six more weeks, here I go.

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  1. It's frustrating to read that your doctor didn't clarify those findings to you. However, I really hope that you've had great progress against the cancer. It's been months now, how are you? I do hope you've been given the best care from your doctor. :)