Guest Blog, by Baby L

Today was a big day in our lives: we left the house. That doesn't happen all that often and I think it exhausts my parents when it does. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The day started like most of my other 15, I was handed off between my daddy and my mommy. I can only assume they take turns because they can only handle so much of my fabulousness before the other one gets jealous and needs a turn. They usually start yawning about when a shift change is in the works.

I haven't figured out why it gets dark for half the day yet, but I just treat it all the same.

Today, when it started getting bright out, or maybe it was a little before, I got the switch from the daddy to the mommy. We were having a nice bottle in bed when the little boy joined us. My, was he interested in giving me "kisses" and "hugs" this morning. I kept getting little slobbery pokes and disturbing squeezes; he took absolutely no notice whatsoever of my disagreeing grunts. I keep giving him my strongest squirms, squeals and dissatisfied faces, but he just kept right on touching me. I can't decide if he's calming and one of my very favorites, or quite a nuisance. For example, this morning, he spread my delicate fingers apart until they would stretch no more. "Mom, look at how I can separate her fingers," he hollers out, as though the achievement is somehow his. I do like the sound of his voice though. It's oddly familiar, like when the mom lays me on her chest and there's the thump-thump rhythm that my body is so in-tune with.

So this morning I got a bath, which I don't mind at all, and then dressed carefully. (I have noticed the mom spends significantly longer getting me dressed than herself. She's really going to have to work on that.)

So, we all get out the door and where is our big outing to? The public library. Wow, so impressed; this family really knows how to live it up. Our mom seriously sat forever, or like an hour, reading books to the boy. I was so bored I had to take a nap. But then I had to remind them I was there and so cried and hollered a little bit. Then the dad came back and they picked up chewable food for themselves or some such thing; I don't know, I took another nap.

That's the beginning of day 16, folks. Life is good so far.

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