Special and Not-So-Special Occassions


My husband and I recently celebrated our 10-Year Anniversary.

We awoke on this momentous, romantic day to the screams of our daughter at 6 AM, who had just face-planted after discovering she can climb out of her crib. The rest of the morning unfolded with a bath for a pee-soaked 5-year old who had wet the bed, and some general morning-scrambling in my attempt to arrive at work promptly.  
I forgot it was our anniversary.

Then my husband handed me a latte (a Friday treat we always engage in), gave me a hug – with our daughter trying to squeeze in between and our son hollering from the TV, "Can somebody make me breakfast?"
"Happy Anniversary," he said casually.

"Oh ya, Happy Anniversary," I replied.

That's just the way life is sometimes, right? Or for normal people it is anyway. Even momentous occasions get an "oh yeah." And that's okay. Granted, we did get a fantastic weekend away to celebrate earlier in the month, so NO complaints here. But even if we didn't, that would be okay too.
His hug makes me happy. The waking up to another good day with my family - to a good relationship with my husband - makes me happy. Oh, and the latte helps too.

10 years ago, we were young kids, blessed by the generosity of our parents with a beautiful wedding and garden-reception. It was simply fantastic. All of those people we love gathered together for days of festivities; a year of planning well-executed into enjoyment, comfort, and memories; the beauty of the event… It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us.
"Wouldn't it be great if we could have the reception with everyone again, every anniversary?" I mused to my husband.

"No. Because that would mean I would have to go to a bunch of those every year" replied my effusive, sentimental man.
Last year was The Chicken Sandwich Anniversary, as we celebrated our 9th year of wedded bliss by taking our 2 kids to Chic Fil A for dinner and watching them play in the enclosed play-area. And we all enjoyed it too. (Hum, maybe we should have gone again this year...)

Every beautiful and special thing does not have to be celebrated in a beautiful and special way. More often, life is simple. The joy is found in a content, thankful attitude – in a chicken sandwich or a hug and a latte.
So today, here's to good marriages. And, here's to the specialness of the rare, really big celebrations in our lives - and the rest of the time, to celebrating big things in little ways.