10,000: Here's to You

The page count on this blog has just ticked its way past 10,000 views.

In the blogging world, this is a relatively small number for the 8 months since its inception. Or so I would guess, anyway; I actually have very little idea what goes on in the “blogging world.” Which perhaps speaks for my numbers in many ways?
Given that my goal is not world fame or even a blog-supported income, I'm pretty happy. I am deeply honored that anyone clicks to come here ever. Amidst the endless sea of information at our fingertips, that anyone takes the time to read my stories is surprising. Every day, it’s surprising.

After each post, I’m convinced the views are coming from accidental hits. But there you are again, numbers rolling forward in a slow but steady encouragement to continue to sit down late at night and share.
The satisfaction I get from a story well-told is big in my small life. And the feedback of inspiration and encouragement shared is, well, lovely.

So, thank you 10,000.

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