A Story Shared

This week, telling a piece of my story for our local magazine:


  1. Get your tissues people! Another moving and honest article. Wow.

  2. Hi Jennifer! I saw the Easy Reader article about you and thought it was courageous how honest and open you were about your experience overcoming cancer. I've had an autoimmune illness that caused all my hair to fall out at the age of 29 years old, about 6 months before my wedding. I now support people to fearlessly love themselves with their whole heart. My clients usually suffer with some body/self image issues that are keeping them from the life of their dreams. I would love to meet up for coffee or a drink sometime. I work in MB but live in HB so anywhere between there and RB works for me. My email address is Rosanna@RosannaSavone.com. (My website is going under construction this week so please excuse the mess.) I hope to hear from you! Best, Rosanna

  3. what a beautiful woman and wonderful caring, loving, strong family....thank you for sharing your story...it made me cry, but in a good way...glad all is well.