Playground Love: Part II

Well, Love Bird mastered the challenge of drawing a heart. Can you tell?

Who are those other two spider-people next to the smiling-holding-hands-surrounded-by-hearts-couple? That's Lily's mom and me, who apparently also get to be present at their rendezvous. Good boy; chaperons are a good thing. But why do we look so angry?

Oh, and I *might* have encouraged the word "friends" instead of "love" inside that big heart. I didn't want to freak Lily's parents out too much. Plus the whole this isn't real love thing....


  1. This is too cute! E isn't quite there yet with the girls. He says they are mean to him. It makes me sad but Im not sure I would prefer your situation over mine haha

  2. It totally happened overnight. I think we'll look back on the CDC days of pure oblivion to gender longingly in the coming years. :)