Joy + a Cup of Coffee

It's Friday, coffee day.

For my husband, every morning he awakens to find himself still breathing on God's Good Earth, it’s coffee day - in the morning and the afternoon. I prefer to keep coffee at an arm’s length, grabbing at it when I feel the need to artificially stimulate my tired mind or when I simply want to feel like it’s a special occasion. Like Fridays.
It’s nearing the end of the work week and both my husband and I work from home on Fridays. Those are reasons enough to celebrate the day, in my book.

The java itself might be French press, it might be espresso with steamed milk. It probably won’t be regular drip coffee, as my husband is kind of a coffee snob. I will reheat mine at least twice (did I mention I have two small kids?) and I will most likely leave about ¼ of the cup to sit in the mug until I get to it as a nice mid-afternoon treat, which tends to nullify the premium quality of it (and disgust my husband.) But regardless of the type or time of day, it will be warm  -err, or room temperature - and a little bit sweet and something to enjoy.

Admittedly, I might even have fallen asleep last night thinking about having coffee with my husband in the morning. Pathetic? Well, here I must admit that I also often lie in bed at night and ponder what I will eat for breakfast in the morning, or lunch, or dinner.
When my life is calm enough that planning meals or looking forward to a cup of coffee is customary, then I am in a place of overarching peace. Worry, fear, and stress are so quiet that small and regular joys can fill the forefront of my mind. Yes, today I am blessed.

May we all be filled with the ability to take something as small as the day of the week or a cup of coffee and find joy in it.

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